ROBFLY SOFTWARE INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. - Leading Software Company in Cybersecurity

The leader of our company, Mehmet ESEN, with an academic background in Computer Science, notable publications in humanoid robotics, and also serving as a cybersecurity instructor in the national technology initiative, holds the position of Chief Software Developer within our organization, combining expertise in humanoid robotics and cybersecurity.

Product and Service Portfolio:

  1. Celal Men 3D Humanoid Robot:

    ROBFLY not only provides humanoid robot technology but also emphasizes cybersecurity measures. Our robot's cybersecurity features are specifically highlighted to ensure the protection and privacy of user data.

  2. Remote Education and Consultancy:

    Since 2018, our company has been offering cybersecurity-focused solutions in remote education and consultancy. The video education software designed for dental faculties includes robust encryption methods and supports a secure learning platform with electronic signature capabilities.

  3. Videolifeapp Web-Based Video Conference Software:

    Developed by ROBFLY, Videolifeapp is a web-based, encrypted video conference software. Adhering closely to cybersecurity protocols, this platform maintains secure and transparent communication. The integration of a time-based OTP (One-Time Password) system further enhances user security.

Blockchain Integration: ROBFLY SOFTWARE INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. is actively working on integrating blockchain technology into all software products. It is noted that Mehmet ESEN holds the CDAA (Certified Digital Asset Advisor) certification, showcasing his expertise in the blockchain field.

Security-Related Values and Vision:

ROBFLY is dedicated to being a leader not only in customer satisfaction but also in the field of cybersecurity. Honesty, transparency, and continuous learning form the basis of our cybersecurity strategies, reflecting our commitment to providing the highest level of protection to our customers.

Under the leadership of Mehmet ESEN, ROBFLY SOFTWARE INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. continues to deliver a secure, innovative, and interactive technology experience to its customers through expertise in cybersecurity and blockchain integration.