3D Humanoid Robot (Celalmen) - Turkish-Speaking Robot with Artificial Intelligence


Celalmen is a 3D humanoid robot equipped with artificial intelligence, capable of speaking Turkish, and dynamically turning its head and mouth towards the speaker. With its camera-equipped eyes, Celalmen can recognize individuals and respond, providing a truly human-like robot experience.

Advanced AI

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Celalmen utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to understand and respond to natural language in Turkish. Its AI capabilities enable it to adapt to various conversational scenarios and provide personalized interactions.

Human-Like Interaction

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The dynamic movement of Celalmen's head and mouth towards the speaker enhances the human-like interaction experience. It creates a more engaging and natural communication environment, making interactions with Celalmen enjoyable and intuitive.

Facial Recognition

facial recognition

Celalmen's eyes are equipped with a camera that enables facial recognition. This feature allows Celalmen to identify individuals, remember previous interactions, and respond with personalized messages, providing a unique and tailored experience for users.

Get Celalmen Today

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Experience the future with Celalmen! To learn more about Celalmen and how to integrate it into your projects, visit Stay informed about the latest updates and developments, and bring the innovative capabilities of Celalmen to your environment.

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We have made a low-cost humanoid robot using a 3D printer and open-source codes from the "InMoov" project. The robot has 685 parts made of PLA material and can be controlled by voice commands using python programming. It also has a special prosthetic hand that can grasp objects, controlled by a smart glove. This robot is not only inexpensive but also open to future upgrades.